Chemical-Resistant FEP Hose Now Available in a More Flexible Style

We hereby announce the immediate availability of rubber-covered FEP hose in a new style for increased flexibility. The original product, called APFRC, is now offered in an additional style – APFRC-FLX – with added flexibility for easier bending, handling, and installation. Both versions of the hose are applicable for use in the pharmaceutical, food, distilled beverage, chemical, and biotech industries.
APFRC-FLX hose provides the purity and chemical resistance properties of FEP fluoropolymer with the durability of a multi-ply, stainless steel wire reinforced, rubber cover. The new version is lighter weight for easier handling, yet it offers the same physical characteristic ratings as original APFRC relating to temperature, pressure, and vacuum. The FEP core meets USP Class VI standards and offers a smooth, non-stick surface for unrestricted flow and a wide temperature range for both cold and hot materials.

Bend radii is where APFRC-FLX shows a significant advantage. The 2” I.D. size of original APFRC provides a minimum bend radius of 16”, while that figure for APFRC-FLX is just 7”. Also of note is the full line of 316L stainless steel sanitary fittings available to mate with the hose. All sanitary fittings meet 3-A and ASME/BPE specifications.

All APFRC hose is manufactured from materials sanctioned by the FDA and USDA. The core is wrapped with layers of tightly woven fabric and double spiral steel wire to dramatically enhance pressure-carrying capabilities. The EPDM rubber jacket seals the hose against dirt, chemicals, and environmental hazards. APFRC-FLX resists kinking well and is available in the following sizes: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” I.D.

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